FAZ Selling process

Mergers & Acquisitions

The FAZ Business Advisors M&A Selling Process

We run a comprehensive process for our business owner clients that includes the following:

  1. In-depth discussions about their companies and opportunities for exit.
  2. Provide honest assessments about the likelihood of attracting the ideal buyer.
  3. Work closely through every stage of the selling process, focusing on client involvement, communication and education.
  4. Identify target lists of potential buyers and discuss with our clients, including a qualitative discussion of the various types of buyers and which ones may be best to fit our client’s goals.
  5. Actively discuss a ‘Plan B’ in the event that the ideal buyer is not located in the marketplace.
  6. Draft an Information Memorandum to describe our client’s business and present it to the company in the best possible manner.
  7. Draft a confidential teaser page to distribute to potentially interested buyers.
  8. Manage the non-disclosure agreement process on behalf of our clients.
  9. Provide buyer introductions and buyer due diligence to determine if the buyer we are speaking with fits the ideal buyer profile of our owner.
  10. Prepare a management presentation in preparation for meetings with buyers.
  11. Attend and facilitate buyer meetings, helping our clients understand the potential that each potential buyer represents relative to their goals.
  12. Conduct initial negotiations with potential buyers, guiding those investors through the steps in our competitive process.
  13. Gather initial offers for the business and assist our clients with determining the optimal buyer among the offers presented.
  14. Work closely with buyers and legal counsel through the letter of intent process to assure that our clients are well represented and that they understand the deal that they are providing exclusivity to before signing a Letter of Intent.
  15. Assemble the data-room in preparation for due diligence and assist with managing the due diligence process.
  16. Work with legal and other advisors through the due diligence process as the buyer works to verify the information that was provided to them, upon which they based their offer.
  17. Work through details of final negotiations, continuing to communicate with clients on a regular basis to minimize confusion and any disruption in the selling process.
  18. Schedule and attend closings and helping our owners ‘get into the end zone’ with their transaction.
  19. Continue to work with the company, management team and the buyer on a post-transaction basis to assist with the post-closing issues that may arise.
  20. Provide personal planning and guidance to our owners to see that the sale proceeds are invested properly and will help them achieve the financial freedoms that they seek.

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