Exit/Transition Planning

Supporting owners in the eventual, and successful, transfer of their business

Exit/Transition Planning Process

Our transition planning process was originally created to meet the needs of the millions of Baby Boomers who are at retirement age and own privately-held businesses. However, our process is helpful to all owners and the four phases of a business life cycle: Start up, Growth, Maturity and Renewal/Rebirth.

Simply put, a transition plan is a long-term, strategic approach to the transfer of your business to someone else.

Our tailored process is different for every business owner because it evaluates a unique combination of interconnected personal and business issues that result in a successful transition:

  • Personal financial and mental readiness
  • Retirement planning and personal value gap
  • Business valuation and business value gap
  • Owner dependency issues
  • Business growth planning
  • Transfer options analysis

Transfer options analysis is not ONLY about “Cashing In” and Selling to the Highest Bidder. Our transition planning process includes the evaluation of all of your options for the transfer of your business:

  • Sale of the business to an outside party/ strategic buyer
  • Private equity group recapitalization
  • Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)
  • Management buyout (MBO)
  • Gifting program

Let’s Get Started

Our free Readiness Assessment Survey is designed to measure how you rank on our proprietary chart in terms of your personal financial and mental readiness for a business transition. The twenty (20) survey questions are intended to inform and guide, as well as provide you with your first step towards achieving an eventual successful business transfer. Click below to take the 10 minute survey and get your personalized report instantly.

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