Business Valuations

Expert business valuation services to support critical business decisions

Privately-held business owners and the legal community rely on our team of experts in valuation matters and assistance in the following areas:
  • Succession planning
  • Exit planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Estate and gift planning
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Shareholder and partner disputes
  • Marital dissolution
  • Litigation support & expert testimony
We perform business valuation services to support the successful transition of ownership in middle market businesses.

80 million Baby Boomers are set to retire over the next five to ten years. Statistics show that those same Boomers own 66% of the middle market businesses. For the vast majority of those owners, their business represents their most significant financial asset (not to mention their most significant personal and emotional investment). However, current studies show that over 70% of businesses that go to market do not sell. Moreover, a PwC study reported that 75% of owners “profoundly regretted exiting” within 12 months of their transition.

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