Mergers & Acquisitions

Helping both buyers and sellers achieve successful outcomes

Whether our client is assessing an acquisition, a potential merger, or a sale opportunity we work in conjunction with our strategic M&A partners to bring a wealth of knowledge, skill and industry experience to the table. Our comprehensive M&A services include the following:

  • Strategic growth planning
  • Evaluate strategic alternatives
  • Create or refine acquisition strategy
  • Confidential information memorandums
  • Business valuation guidance
  • Screening of potential buyers or sellers
  • Manage due diligence requests
  • Quality of earnings assessments
  • Analyze terms and conditions of transactions
  • Arrange, negotiate and structure financing
  • Financial statement attestation services
  • Personal / corporate income tax planning

Our approach to Merger & Acquisitions is consistent with the holistic approach that we take with all of our other service offerings. We often begin talking with companies many months, or even years, in advance of any kind of M&A event. This allows us to get to know the organization and its owners, and to offer our input or be a sounding board when owners are facing critical decisions. We can help owners to understand what they can do to help increase their value, and things that they should avoid.

We begin each process by understanding what the owners want to achieve. Each engagement brings its own unique set of variables and considerations so it’s imperative to spend enough time before moving ahead.

Working with our team, owners can be confident that we’ll be driving the process forward, providing them with coaching and guidance along the way. When FAZ Business Advisors represents a business owner to the marketplace of buyers and investors we do so only after our owners have gone through our proprietary transition planning process. FAZ Business Advisors’ business owners have a level of education and understanding that assists with getting a transaction completed because they are clear about their goals and they have a realistic base of knowledge and expectation about the selling process. The process of preparing for a sale often-times includes years of preparing both the company and the owner for a transaction.

FAZ Business Advisors takes clients through a process of identifying the buyer or investor that will make the optimal marriage for their company’s future. Our optimal buyer is often not the one that represents the highest price that can be paid for our client’s company. In fact, we find that our clients want to find the buyer who will care for their company, even if it comes at a small cost for their family wealth. FAZ Business Advisors counsels our clients towards becoming clear on those goals prior to going to market and works with our clients to understand the ideal buyer long before that buyer is invited into our process.

A client who is represented by FAZ Business Advisors is prepared for a transaction. We gather and interpret all business and personal data in choosing our clients. And, as a result, we better serve the market as a whole by consistently bringing quality transactions with owners who are fully prepared.

FAZ Business Advisors also provides services which assist in the buying of a business. Our process starts with us getting to know the buyer. We work with the buyer to determine the specific needs of the organization, understand the company culture and identify the factors which will create the most successful acquisition. Seeing the big picture allows us to narrow down which opportunities would be best to pursue. We can assist in a variety of ways:

  • Lead the process for identifying and vetting targets.
  • Manage the due diligence process.
  • Evaluate the tax impact of a transaction on both a corporate and individual level
  • Assist in creating a deal structure which will best protect the buyer and get the deal done.
  • Provide a valuation necessary for financing and/or ownership approval.

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