Who We Serve

Providing independent expertise to a wide range of industries

We serve insurance companies, law firms, corporations, non-profits, state and local government entities, as well as private business owners and claims adjusters by providing thorough and effective fraud analysis, investigation and prevention.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies come to us for logical, detailed, and well-documented insurance claims that result in reasonable insurance claim settlements. In addition to preparing claims and considering the financial implications within each claim, we serve as testifying experts on insurance litigation matters.

Law Firms

We help law firms by using our forensic accounting expertise to make sense of matters where complex accounting and legal issues interwine. We also often serve as consulting or testifying experts in depositions, arbitration, mediation and in court at the state and federal court levels.

Corporations & Non-Profits

From exploratory research for mergers and acquisitions, VC investments, and bankruptcy proceedings, to investigations into corporate fraud and white-collar crime, our forensic accountants work with many corporations and non-profits to investigate the accuracy of financial reporting documents and procedures.

State & Local Governments

Our work with state & local governments calls us to serve as financial detectives for anticipated or ongoing legal action. We examine criminal enterprises, assist in the confiscation of assets in organized-crime cases, and otherwise help investigate financially related criminal acts such as fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, and the concealment of debt.

Individuals & Families

We work with individuals and families in matters such as matrimonial disputes and tax cases to help in the division of assets, understanding unique tax implications, and disclosing hidden assets and financial activity. We help uncover truth and ultimately provide a credible analysis that may be relied upon in court or mediation.

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